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Ramin The King
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Welcome to the Best web site on the net!

Hey everybody!
Thank you fo coming to my site!
This site represtens me and my hobby's!
I have a very high interest in Cars, I know em I love em.
If you have any car pictures you could send them to me so i can put them on the site.
I would like to know about you, what your hobby is, what you like to do and etc.
If you want any codes for any games just contact me, i can get them for you i promise.
I want everybody to like my homepage so if you want me to edit anything on this site E-mail me and tell me what you think i should do.
i hope you enjoy being on my site.
Have a good time!!

Some of my favorite cars are:
BMW 2002
BMW 2002 TI
BMW 2002 TII

And you know it can go on forever.......

I want to introduce Zachary D. H. to you.
He really likes cars, he knows a little more about them than me. He has four favorite cars which are the following:
Shelby Daytona Coupe
Jaguar E-type Sayer Tail
Ford GT40 Mk. V (Mark 5) Gulf
Lola T70 coupe
He is one of my best friends


Price: $15,000
Miles Per Gallon: --/-- mpg
Curb Weight: 2300 lbs
Layout: Front-Engine/RWD
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Type: V8
Displacement: 4736 cc
Horsepower: 380 bhp @ 6750 rpm
Torque: 390 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Redline: ---- rpm
0-60 mph: 4.0 sec
0-100 mph: 9.9 sec
Quarter Mile: 12.1 sec @ 120 mph
Skidpad: .94g
Top Speed: 198 mph
Braking, 0-60 mph: 130 ft
Slalom Speed: 63.9 mph

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Now that is one of my very favorite cars!!

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Codes Rules
The codes on this homepage you can copy.
It does not matter if you distribute them or whaterver, give em to your friend, to your dad, to your grama' or whatever
I don't care.
So have fun

I have not updated this homepage yet.

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